Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Taking a page from...

Kerri Mann always has the coolest blog. She makes it look effortless although, I assure you she is laughing as she reads this! But because she inspires me... I'm going to attempt to do a better job of keeping my blog current. I can only repost old and discarded blogs for so long before I have to give you some new content, so here goes my first:


Ten things I am excited about!

10. Football season: The weather, the Friday nights in the stands screaming myself hoarse, the Saturdays enjoying wings and ribs, the blankets, the friends!!! I'm STOKED about this year! Perhaps it is because its Kirin's last year at Shaw, or maybe its because I missed so much of last season but I'm ready for some football!!!

9. Upcoming babies: Its no secret that I love birth and babies. I'm ready for the fresh crop of fall babies I have lined up! There's going to be some sweet baby bumps to love on real soon!!

8. Turning 44: Its a good number! Even, divisible by 11, a palindrome... 44 is going to be as awesome as 43 has been +1!!

7. Menopause: Seriously!! I'm READY for this thing! Let's get it on and done!! I never thought I'd be ready to give up my reproductive rights but I reached the tipping point a couple of years ago and I'm emotionally on board for the whole shebang.

6. Visits from old friends: Not only is homecoming right around the corner, but an old friend from L.A. is coming to visit next week. I love catching up with folks and showing them how much Columbus has grown. I'm proud of my hometown!!

5. A new blog: Can't reveal too many details yet but you'll enjoy it! And I'm having fun getting ready for it!!

4. Bathroom scales: I currently weigh less than I have at any point in this century. This millennium, even!! There are people who have known me for years who have no idea that I used to be skinny. Three of my children don't even know that. Not that I ever want to be skinny again, mind you. Just want to be healthier and I'm on the way! As of this morning I am down 70 pounds from Jan 2010 when I moved in with Niki. Two Lenten seasons, a couple of Growth Groups, a bunch of great ladies who encourage me, a job at the store that keeps me moving, and enough water to fill Lake Oliver. I wish I could tell you that I was living at the gym or eating vegetables (okay I really don't wish either of those things) and that I was taking it very very seriously...but I can't. There's a reason it has taken almost 2 years. Lifestyle changes...even small ones...make a huge difference! (And there WILL be a huge blog post about that first number in my weight changing from a "2" to a "1"!!!)

3. New career opportunities: I am blessed to have some seriously talented, smart, and energetic people in my life! Its no surprise that I love positive people and that I try to surround myself with them. I'm excited about the future possibilities of parlaying that into a revenue stream!

2. My relationship: I'm in one. Seriously. Sweetest, funniest, hottest, smartest, most superlative guy man I've ever met. He is a blessing to me. Every. Day.

1. Christmas: I can't tell you the last time I was excited about the holidays. I don't REMEMBER the last time I was excited about the holidays. It has been at least 5 years??? I'm ready for the good this year. And it has nothing to do with the previous nine list items. This one is about making the decision to  embrace it and enjoy it and celebrate it.

So there you have it! My first Ten on Tuesday! Pop over to Crafty Life and read someone else's list...or make your own!!


Kerri said...

Oh LAWD! I am so impressed - and you even participated in a linky party! WOW!
Now turn off your word verification and I will love you forever! :)

Karma Parker said...

LOL Yes ma'am!!