Sunday, April 5, 2009

Thoughts on Palm Sunday

Today started out much like any other Sunday. My ex yelled at me and told me that I was indoctrinating the kids into a cult. Of course that's not the case. I'm pretty sure he doesn't believe it's an actual cult as much as he's just aggravated about me wanting to take the truck. In any instance, we are going to MyChurch and do feel like we've found a home there.

Anyway, this morning we took communion. It was Justin's first time and I was trying to figure out how to explain it to him. We already read the story of how Jesus fed 5000 people so I knew he'd relate the bread part to that story. As we dipped the bread in the grape juice and took our seats I put my hand on Justin's knee and thanked God for letting me have such great kids and for giving me His kid.

Then it occurred to me... God gave us his KID. When Jesus was born he was just a baby. We read about that. (Yeah.... Jeff gave us homework to read the gospels last week, and since I have no JOB I did it.) We read about Jesus hanging out with the disciples and going from town to town. I get that part too. I understand that He came to earth to teach us about God and died to pay the price because we'd never be able to.

When I became a Christian I was in high school. I had just started driving when I took the plunge. It would be a few more years before I became a parent. The concept of parenting was still very foreign to me. Four kids later though... I'd do anything for these kids. I would take a bullet for each and every one of them. I love them more than life itself.

So I got to thinking as I sat there in church with my 8 year old son. Justin is an angel to me. Yeah he tests my patience on the daily. Yeah he can be willful and disobedient. But I still love him. And I got to thinking about Jesus and what He must have been like when He was 8. And 13. And 14. And 22. What must it have been like for God to watch Jesus grow up? How much pleasure did it give Him to see Jesus learn to walk, and talk, and make friends, and learn about life?
I'm pretty sure God feels the same way about Jesus that I do about my kids. He IS the only begotten Son and all. God loves His Son at least as much as I love my kids. Yet He sent Him here to DIE. Death!! Do you comprehend that?? That means that God loves US SO MUCH that He was willing to sacrifice His OWN KID for US!! That's fairly heavy stuff.

If God loves us so much that He's willing to let His Son die on a cross for us... what is there possibly on this earth that you or I could say no to if He asked it of us? What bigger sacrifice can you imagine than the life of one of your kids? Your ONLY kid? If you're reading this and you're a parent you have to understand one thing...God loves you. A LOT.

I'll leave you with that to think about.

P.S. Next Sunday is Easter Sunday. That means a few things... There will be more people in church than usual so go early if you can. We're having a full breakfast at the 8AM service and I'd LOVE to have more of my friends there! It also means that the Easter Bunny is coming. Don't be like me and wait til the last minute to remember that! Oh and it also means that I can go back to using Facebook every day! (I'm happy to report however, that I haven't missed it as much as I thought I would!!)