Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Faves: Fall Foods

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This morning I ordered some Tastefully Simple products from the new Fall/Winter line so that we can play around with recipes when Allen gets home in a few weeks. I gotta tell you though, I don't know whether I'm more excited about him or this food!! (Okay you know that's not 100% true. LOL)

Here is what I ordered:

Apple and Pear Slush Drink Mix (will be good warm with our bourbon in it!)
3 packs of Bountiful Beer Bread (can never have too much of that on hand!)
Chicken Tortilla Soup Mix (looks good!)
Chipotle Queso Dip Starter (have to get some of that good cheese to try this with)
Creamy Portobella Warm Dip Mix (TOTALLY for him... LOL)
2 packs of the Dreamy Irish Frozen Dessert Mix (this is discontinued but everyone loved it last year and I didn't get to try it)

Samples of:
Bountiful Beer Cheese Soup (half size)
Caramel Cinnamon Sprinkles
English Toffee Cheese Ball (full size)
Peppy Papaya Salsa (6pk)
Roasted Onion Warm Dip Mix (full size)
Savory Beach Brandy Glaze (6pk)
Shanghai Stir Fry Sauce (6pk)
Spicy Harvest Salsa (6pk)

What are you dying to try? What kind of fun ideas can you think of for us to do with these products?? Comment and let me know!


Nela said...

Mmmm... that Chicken Tortilla Soup mix sounds really good. :) I probably should have some when the weather starts to get a bit cooler.

Have fun cooking!

Karma Parker said...

Thanks, Nela!! You can always order it from me or get some from a consultant near you! I sell TS just to support my own habit! LOLOL

Jenilee said...

tastefully simple is wonderful! love their stuff!

Rachel said...

Love Tastefully Simples stuff. I remember when the company just started (it was here in MN) and everybody rushing to get that bread of theres!

Be blessed. And enjoy all that yummy food. :)

Karma Parker said...

Thanks Jenilee! The products are yummy but the company is wonderful as well! Jill is a very smart woman and she has created a great organization for women! And Rachel, every time my boyfriend comes home from working in ND he has to fly out of Minneapolis so I tell him to wave at the factory for me while he's driving past it to the airport! LOL