Wednesday, August 17, 2011

{semi} Wordless Wednesday: Weight Loss


Remember yesterday how I said I was excited about "4. Bathroom scales:"? Wordless Wednesday seems the perfect time to show you what I mean!

This is the day before I started at SFH in 2003. I weighed 255 that day. I know this because I had to weigh for my physical. Some things get stuck in your memory forever! LOL

This is Kevan and I at the Christmas party in 2005. I was going in the opposite direction of good at this point. I'm pretty sure that's the year I finally changed my drivers' license to say I weighed 250 which was just a blatant lie at that point.

Smallest I ever got was when we did Weigh Down Columbus and I got to like 230. 

At my sister's wedding on Jan 1, 2010. I was about 277 here and that suit is a size 22.
Last summer at my class reunion. I was probably 260 here.

Memorial Day this year. Had just gotten into a size 16 and I was about 220 here.

GNO with Niki, Hope, and Stephanie in July. 212 AFTER pasta and dessert. LOL

Today I weighed in at 205.5. I'm ALMOST down to where I was when I started WW last time...before I turned 30. I've lost over 70lbs. I have a long way to go. 

P.S. I used to be a skinny girl. LOL In this picture I weigh 125lbs and am 4 months pregnant with my third child!! 

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Kerri said...

I tried to comment on this last week from th blackberry but it didn't work apparently!
I wanted to say inspiring and amazing! :)