Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloweens Past (Part 2)

Okay so where were we? Oh yeah... Store bought costumes.

So Kirin and James wanted costumes from the store and I was probably still having flashbacks to the Raggedy Ann and Andy thing so I relented and they got to pick some off the rack. This is probably one of my favorite pics of them of all time. I love how they used to get along so well!

The next year we went back to home made costumes that matched. Being the Star Wars geek that I am, I dressed them as Annakin and Amidala. Spare me the comments about them being married and not being brother and sister. You know we already dealt with that confusion in Empire. I'm just saying...

The last costumes I made them were probably the most complicated and definitely my favorite. Kirin (who had become very familar with the catalogs at the fabric store by this time) had fallen in love with a Genie costume. She wanted to be a Genie so bad that she couldn't stand it. I knew I was about to lose them to the storebought side forever so I went after this one with relish.

But what goes with Genie??? You guessed it... Major Nelson!! Well an Air Force costume was just out of the question but... He was an astronaut! Armed with yards of silver lame and a pattern for a bear suit, I transformed my baby boy into the cutest astronaut ever! And you know the best thing about that costume is you can use it to be a robot, or an alien, or even Elvis!!

They are nearly grown now. I don't have pictures of the years that James spent dressed in a black hooded robe with various creepy masks on. They all looked basically the same. I did MAKE his first black hooded robe and then I figured out that it was way cheaper to just buy that particular item. And I made Kirin's first cheerleader costume. Before they were "uniforms" and made to withstand all her athleticism.

I miss making costumes for them. Justin pretty much got shortchanged on the costume years by the divorce. He is the one who (not by MY doing) got dressed in some flannel and had pine straw stuffed into the sleeves and the neck to make him a scarecrow or (sans the pinestraw) a hobo. That was his daddy's doing.

Last year we took them to Spirit and bought costumes for all of them at the last minute.
I thank you for indulging me as I got lost in a few memories from the old days. Love your babies while you can. They grow up so fast. In the blink of an eye, it seems.

I think what I need now is to go see if anyone has candy corn on sale.

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